Vegan MoFo, Day 31 – HALLOWEEN (Part 2)

We just wrapped up watching Halloween, and we’re about to pop The Exorcist into the DVD player, so it must be Halloween night!

Halloween is serious business around here. We decorate the house. We eat themed food. I even put on a costume just to go out and walk the dog. Serious. Business. Let me show you what the house looks like right now:


We put up a lot of decorations


A lot of decorations


So many decorations



Of course, we also ate Halloween-themed dinned tonight. We had Americanized tacos and refried beans – nothing too fancy, but we did go all out in the presentation department (like we do). I mean, look at them!


Monster eye tacos, served in a triceratops!


Spooooooky refried beans, complete with a cheese sauce web and olive spiders

And with that, MoFo is in the books! 31 days, 32 posts. We need a break right now, but hopefully we’ll be back soon with more adventures!

Good bye for now,
















2 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo, Day 31 – HALLOWEEN (Part 2)

  1. LOVE the decor and food! So sorry it was’t until AFTER this years Vegan MoFo that I discovered your blog! BUMMER! I hope you will continue to blog year-round! Swing by my site and let me know if it’s ok that I link you up on my sidebar! The more veggie blogging buddies the better – I say!!! CHEERS!

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