Vegan Eats:

Seattle Cookie Counter – vegan ice cream sandwiches, hell yeah!

No Bones About It – all-vegan food truck, a.k.a. heaven on earth

Pizza Pi Vegan Pizzeria – four words: mac and cheese pizza

Araya’s Place – excellent vegan Thai, and sticky rice that’ll send you to the moon

Chu Minh Tofu & Vegan Deli – this place is like no other, and we love it

Wayward Vegan Cafe – everything your diner-loving heart could possibly want

The Highline – great food (best BLT in the city) and excellent cocktails (really!)

Veggie Grill – fast and delicious (their buffalo sauce, seriously, and that kale caesar salad) vegan chain

Cycle Dogs – all-vegan hot dog cart!

Luchador Taco Co – Seattle’s first vegan taco truck, run by the fine folks of Full Tilt Ice Cream

Mighty-O Donuts – vegan cake doughnut happiness

Vegan Options (non-vegan establishments):

Rachel’s Ginger Beer – best ginger beer on the planet, and the Cap Hill location has frites!

Cinnamon Works – home of my favorite snickerdoodle; their cookies are as big as your head

Full Tilt Ice Cream – locations always have a few good vegan (coconut-based) flavors… and arcade games!

Six Strawberries – they make vegan pudding pops; what else do you need to know?

Patxi’s Pizza – they have Daiya, so get yourself a killer vegan deep-dish pizza

Razzi’s – not just pizza; they have a HUGE vegan menu with pasta, sandwiches, gyros, salads, calzones, and so much more

Turnpike Pizza – they’ve got Daiya and nice thin crusts, they’re right across from Greenlake, and they’ve got beer!

El Borracho – our favorite vegan nachos in existence; Mike also loves the mushroom tacos

Cafe Pettirosso – a fine, fine vegan mac & cheese (they’ve got other great vegan options, too)

Bang Bang Cafe – the same mac & cheese as Pettirosso, plus some excellent sandwich options (love their BLT)

Moonlight Cafe – fake meat paradise

Georgetown Liquor Company – surprisingly good food in a divey atmosphere (which we love)

Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai – mmmmm, Thai food

Silence Heart Nest – yeah, those sweet potato biscuits and gravy!

Where We Shop:

Vegan Haven – our beloved all-vegan market

Lake City Farmers Market – our neighborhood farmers market, and our favorite

University District Farmers Market – year-round!

Lake Forest Park – we really, really love farmers markets, y’all

PCC Natural Markets – lots of local produce (though they could be much better), vegan goods increasing all the time

Central Co-Op – another great co-op with good vegan products

Central Market – lots of vegan products, several aisles of Asian products, a huge produce section, worker-owned… we love it

Goodies Mediterranean Market – a food wonderland; we are crazy about this place