Catching Up with Vegan MoFo, day 28: Brunch!

The MoFo prompt for day 28 calls brunch “the under appreciated get-together meal”, but only half that sentence is actually true in our house. A get-together meal? Definitely! Brunch is almost always better when shared with friends, whether it be at a restaurant or homemade brunch shared around your dining room table. But under-appreciated? No way! We LOVE brunch! Brunch has been my favorite meal for my entire adulthood, and I can’t imagine that ever changing. I’m not sure we could appreciate brunch any more than we already do – but we’ll keep trying!


Are waffles the best brunch food? Trick question! All brunch foods are the best brunch foods.

The morning after an indulgent party is a great time to have a lazy, carb-laden brunch with friends. We threw our annual Birthoween party this past Friday, and our friend Rochelle came up from Portland for the party and crashed in our spare room afterwards – so we already had a friend here for brunch on Saturday!

Brussels sprouts + bacon = a well-used food combination – so well-used as to be trite, boring, and expected, despite how good they taste together. How could we take this arguably overused combo and give it a twist for brunch?


Oh yes.

That’s right – waffles!


Oh HELL yes.

Brussels sprouts, bacon, and parmesan waffles, to be exact! Farmers market brussels sprouts, Lightlife bacon, Violife parmesan, and roasted garlic powder mixed into waffle batter and waffle-ironed to crisp, golden perfect.

Because it’s cheese week, one kind of cheese wasn’t enough for this post-party waffle brunch. We topped these beauties with a spicy maple cheese sauce.


So beautiful. So tasty.


I mean, come on. Look at that.

And because it’s “ALL THE BRUSSELS SPROUTS” season, Mike made a gorgeous brussels sprouts & apple hash that was marvelous alongside these waffles.



We ate this delicious brunch lounging in our pajamas and watching ’80s music videos on YouTube. Cheesy bacony waffles, an autumnal hash with local produce, coffee, pajamas, good friends, and MTV-style nostalgia – it couldn’t have been more perfect.


Just perfect.




We will definitely be making these again.

I want to tweak this recipe a little bit, and maybe make a whole wheat version, before I post it. Stay tuned!

Happy brunching, friends. ‘Til tomorrow!



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