Vegan MoFo, Day 25, Cook for your Best Friend

When I was a teenager, my mom hung a cross-stitch on the wall that read “Happiness is being married to your best friend.” I thought it was so cheesy at the time (get it, it’s cheese week, haha!), but it turns out that little piece of craft work had it all figured out. Being married to your best friend is really amazing. We love to spend time together, and it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, it’s always so much better together.

Before I lose you with my sappy introduction, let’s move on to today’s prompt. The description says: Tell us about your best friend and their favourite dish, make them a vegan version of it. Sarra is, without a doubt, my best friend. She’s smart and funny, passionate and compassionate, and I just like her so much. Oops, there I go again. Her favorite food is pizza, and more specifically, pepperoni and olive pizza. So, I made her one. And by made, I mean I made a phone call to Sizzle Pie, one of our favorite pizza joints, and ordered takeout.


The box says it’s famous, so it must be!

Pizza is more than a food around here, it’s a way of life. Sizzle Pie has recently opened a location here in Seattle, and we couldn’t be happier. Their pizza comes on a beautiful, thin crust that you can actually fold (if you’re from New York, you know what I’m talkin’ about), and can be loaded up with a huge variety of toppings, including vegan cheese. They’ve been using Daiya, Follow Your Heart, and housemade vegan ricotta for a while, but just last week, they added Violife to the vegan menu, which is a cheesy, gooey pile of goodness. At Sizzle Pie, they always have three vegan pizzas ready to sell by the slice, or they’ll make you a custom pizza!


One might say that we divide our joy around here between pizza and our love for each other


The decor is great, too!

We wanted a pizza that was half “Vegan Angel of Doom” – pineapple, jalapenos, and almonds. For the other half, we wanted the “Thunder and Lightning”, their vegan version of a pepperoni pizza, with olives added. Unfortunately, Sizzle Pie happened to be out of vegan pepperoni tonight. In order to rectify the situation, I swung by the vegan grocery on my way, and picked up a package of Yves pepperoni to add when I got it home and just had them make that half with olives only.


See?! You can’t even tell that the pepperoni are a later addition.

In order to get some crispyness on the pepperoni, I cooked it in a cast iron skillet in a little bit of olive oil, and added it to the top of the pizza. Perfection!


Looks good, doesn’t it?

When Sarra is happy, my heart follows suit. And let me tell you folks, this pizza makes her extremely happy. She had pizza tonight, so she’s super extra special happy now. This is love, my friends!



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