Vegan MoFo, Day 24: Party!

We’ve got a lot going on lately! In fact, this week we happen to be preparing for a party we’re throwing this coming Friday night. Due to busy-ness, I decided to approach this prompt differently than I might otherwise have during a less busy week. Instead of making party food, I thought I’d showcase foods we’ve made for parties in the past.


Chicken enchilada dip and pizza dip – just two of the reasons Mike calls me the Dip Queen of the Vegan Scene (I’m not, but that sure is cute).

We love parties ’round here. We throw three a year: my birthday, Birthoween (which is Mike’s birthday and Halloween combined, held between his birthday on the 21st and Halloween), and a cookie-decorating party in December. Some years have more than three parties – we’ve had summer solstice parties, an engagement party, a waffle party, a graduation party when I got my AA, our wedding (the biggest party of all!), and we even had a taco & beer fundraiser for reproductive rights. And we often have smaller, party-like gatherings such as game nights, pumpkin carving get-togethers, brunch club, and sometimes we even have people over for Friday Night Bad Movies & Junk Food (our cherished weekly ritual, as my Instagram friends well know). But we always have the three biggies!

I’m sure it isn’t surprising to anyone that we always go all-out with the food at our parties. Here’s (part of!) the spread for my graduation party:

Some samples from my birthday parties:


But far and away, the party with the biggest and best food is our Birthoween party! The only thing we love more than impressing our friends and family with party food is doing so with themed party food – and both Mike’s birthday and Halloween inspire us like nothing else.

We love our Halloween beverages:

20151024_181338 (2015_11_13 19_44_06 UTC)

Homemade ecto-cooler!


Zombie head mulled apple cider!

punch (2015_02_25 01_51_09 UTC)

Spooky witches’ brew!

We love our themed dips and dippers:


Seven layer tombstone taco dip, complete with ghosts and graveyard dirt!

IMAG1428 (2015_04_18 17_43_42 UTC)

Spooky homemade flour tortilla chips – owls, bats, bones, pumpkins, and witches!


Boo chips! These aren’t homemade, but they’re so adorable that they’ve become a Birthoween staple. They’re tasty, too!

20151024_181607 (2015_11_13 19_44_06 UTC)

Vampire pizza dip!

We love our mac o’lanterns:

mac-o-lantern 1 (2015_02_25 01_51_09 UTC)

Ham & cheese mac o’lantern!


Chili cheese mac o’lantern!

We adore our adorable finger foods:

20151024_182932 (2015_11_13 19_44_06 UTC)

“Roast beast” giant submarine sandwich!


Mummy dogs!


Witches’ hats filled with salami and cheese!

We really, REALLY love our pizzas:

20151024_182755 (2015_11_13 19_44_06 UTC)

Pac-Man pizza, complete with ghosts!


Candy corn pizza!

IMAG0172 (2015_02_25 01_51_09 UTC)

The most ambitious pizza I’ve ever made – a mac & cheese-filled deep dish pizza!

IMAG0177 (2015_02_25 01_51_09 UTC)

Look at that mac & cheese deep dish pizza! It was a lot of work and it was totally worth it – anything for Mike!

And what’s sweeter than a themed dessert?

IMAG1404 (2015_04_18 17_43_42 UTC)

Spiderwebbed chocolate peanut butter cupcakes!

IMAG1409 (2015_04_18 17_43_42 UTC)

Bloody slasher cupcakes!


Worms in dirt!

As you can see, we love our parties and we have SO MUCH FUN with our party food!

Want more Birthoween food? Stay tuned! We’ll be posting this year’s Birthoween treats next week!

‘Til tomorrow, friends!


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