Vegan MoFo, Day 23 – Fancy AF

It is time to go gourmet as we start off cheese week! Today, I’m here to show off our haute cuisine – something that will make you say, “Now that’s some fancy business!”

I’ve said it in just about every post this MoFo, but it always seems to be true. This meal started at the Farmer’s Market! We found some black garlic at Garden Treasures, one of our favorite vendors. We’ve never cooked with it before, so we asked the proprietor how to use it. He told us that it didn’t need to be cooked – just peel it and eat it, and boy was he right. Let me tell you how that small idea turned into a fancy AF dinner.

So, here we go. According to Wikipedia, “It is made by heating whole bulbs of garlic (Allium sativum) over the course of several weeks, a process that results in black cloves. The taste is sweet and syrupy with hints of balsamic vinegar or tamarind. Black garlic’s popularity has spread to the United States as it has become a sought-after ingredient used in high-end cuisine.” It also says “[citation needed]”, but we won’t go there right now.


It sure is pretty!

Well, what else is fancy? How about brie? In the omnivore world, it’s one of the most prized cheeses. As luck would have it, Herbivorous Butcher is making a vegan brie now, and we can get it at Vegan Haven! This was our first time trying it, and it is delicious. It’s soft and mild – it actually could stand a touch more sharpness, but you won’t hear me complain.



To give it even one more level of fanciness, we brought out a package of pasta that we’ve been saving for the right moment. Esotico pasta is made in Silverton, Oregon, and we picked up some of their pastas at the Beaverton Farmer’s Market last year (a usual stop for us whenever we visit the Portland area). Their garlic-herb lasagna noodles seemed like a perfect fit for all of these gourmet ingredients.


Tied with a ribbon – now, that *is* fancy!

It came together beautifully. I started by browning some of our delicious, homemade vegan butter in a saucier. To that, I added some white wine and a tiny pinch each of salt and cayenne pepper and let it cook down for a few minutes while I cooked the pasta. Putting it all together from there was pretty easy – I tossed the pasta with the sauce, slivered black garlic, and tiny cubes of the brie. For a little added crunch, I topped the whole thing off with a sprinkling of chopped walnuts. Good lord, was this good! It was flavorful and rich – everything you want in a fancy AF dinner!

To complete the meal, we needed a vegetable on the side. We bought five and half pounds of Brussels sprouts at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday, so we wanted to put some of that in our faces. It wanted to be fancy, too, so I also cooked the Brussels sprouts in wine, because wine makes everything fancier. I used our friend Lazy Smurf’s recipe for Miso Glazed Brussels Sprouts, which was delicious!


In case you even wondered what 5.5 pounds of Brussels sprouts looks like


Don’t you want to eat it?

I hope you enjoyed our trip through fine dining – see you tomorrow!




4 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo, Day 23 – Fancy AF

    • This was our first time, too. It’s really delicious – almost fruity. The balsamic note descriptions are accurate, but with none of the vinegar bite. After dinner, Mike said, “SO, black garlic all the time forever, right? Where can we source a lifetime supply?”

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