Listen, friends. If there’s no pizza during the zombie apocalypse, well, just let the zombies eat me first.


waka waka waka waka waka

Y’all didn’t think we were going to make it through MoFo without posting at least one pizza, did you?

Today’s prompt: “There’s a zombie apocalypse!  What can you make from just canned or foraged food?” Well, it turns out we can make a really, really good pizza from stuff we always have in the pantry. And if there’s ever a time to enjoy pizza, it’s when your grisly death might be imminent from swarms of the brain-hungry undead.

First, though, this week’s theme:


Mighty cast iron!

It’s cast iron week! We love our cast iron pans. We’ve got a decent collection, all from Lodge (made right here in the USA), and they’ve long since become our favorites. Mike was a nonstick cookware user when we met, but he became a cast iron convert in no time. Planning a week of meals around cookware and not a specific food has been fun!


Mike bought me this wonderful cast iron pizza pan for my birthday back in July.

Now back to tonight! I made good use of Julie Hasson’s Vegan Pizza for tonight’s dinner.


I made Julie’s mostly whole wheat dough, adding some nutritional yeast and garlic powder for extra flavor. We always have multiple kinds of flour in the pantry, and of course we always have nooch – in fact, we’re working our way through a 5 pound bucket of nooch right now, so we’re well-prepared for the zombie apocalypse.


I don’t have a recipe for pizza sauce – it’s different every time because I wing it every time.  Tonight I used some tomato sauce we canned earlier this year, two kinds of garlic, a bunch of spices, and olive oil.


We didn’t want to rely on refrigerated cheeses for this pizza; luckily, we always have raw cashews in the pantry, and Vegan Pizza has some excellent cheese sauces.


Nutritional yeast, cashews, and garlic – the holy trinity of really good vegan cheese sauces.

Now, those of you who follow me on Instagram know that we tend to make elaborate, original pizzas with lots of fresh and unusual toppings. That wouldn’t be an option for a pantry pizza, though. Luckily, we always keep a can of black olives around. Additionally, I canned jalapeños last summer, so we have a couple of jars of those in our cabinet. Finally, ever since we joined Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.’s Jerky of the Month club, we have a package or two of (the best vegan) jerky (on the planet) in the pantry; as luck would have it, one of the flavors we have right now is their Perfect Pepperoni. Perfect, indeed – perfect for tonight’s pizza!


All these pantry ingredients combined to make a wonderful, delicious pizza that was even greater than the sum of its parts:


Bring on the zombies; I’ve got this pizza, so I’m good.

We can’t survive on pizza alone (more’s the pity), so we roasted up two bunches of carrots


One bunch of purple, one bunch of yellow! Thanks, farmers market!

and two wee heads of baby cabbage to have on the side. While carrots are not strictly a pantry ingredient, they will last a while in a cool, dark place. And not only will cabbages last even longer, many people here in the Pacific Northwest grow cabbages as garden ornamentals, so we’d have no problem foraging for them!


We made all this in our oven, but if the zombie uprising got extra-apocalyptic and the power went out, we’d have no trouble at all making all of these foods on our gas grill.


Hope you all survive the zombie apocalypse as deliciously as we will!
‘Til tomorrow, friends!


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