Vegan MoFo, Day 13: Sell Yourself!

If you were going to market a food  you make, what would it be?

When I first read this prompt, I knew exactly what I was going to talk about: canned goods. Mike and I started canning farmer’s market produce a few years ago, and I’ve spent most of the past few summers preserving foods (this summer has been the exception). Here are just a few of the things we’ve canned:


Pickles! Mostly I’ve canned vinegar pickles – garlic dills and various spicy garlic dills – but last year I started fermenting garlic dills. They’re fiddly and a lot of work, but the flavor is like nothing else.


Olive salad, sweet & sour sauce, tomatillos, Chinese five spice plum sauce, and garlic pickled carrots.


Corn salsa, enchilada sauce, Rotel, tomato sauce, whole tomatoes.


Sour cherry vanilla jam, brown sugar apple jam, zucchini bread jam, and blackberry chambord jam.

However! Our vegan market – see yesterday’s post – is having a bake sale this weekend, to raise funds to get the Pigs Peace Sanctuary pigs ready for winter. I baked a a few things to donate, and as I was posting about them to Instagram tonight, exhorting all my Seattle followers to visit the bake sale tomorrow and buy some of my treats, Mike said, “Hey! You’re actually doing today’s MoFo prompt! You’re marketing a food you made!”

I’ve been spending many Sundays this year perfecting my biscuit-making, and my biscuit photos are always well-liked on Instagram. I knew I wanted to make something savory for the bake sale, and biscuits seemed perfect.




I folded Tofurky’s ham (slices) and Violife’s mature cheddar into my favorite buttermilk biscuit recipe, which was also enhanced with nooch and Penzey’s roasted garlic powder. They baked up perfectly – tall, fluffy, and so good.

Of course I had to make something sweet, too.


Vanilla cinnamon chip shortbread!


Pumpkin spice shortbread!

I can’t resist vegan shortbread, and Miyoko’s Creamery’s butter makes beautiful shortbread. The vanilla cinnamon chip shortbread, in particular, is one of the best things I’ve ever made. I might have to buy some back when we’re at the bake sale tomorrow!

If you’re in the Seattle area, get yourself to Vegan Haven this weekend! Buy yourself some homemade vegan baked goods and help the sanctuary pigs!

‘Til tomorrow, friends!


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