Day 8 – You DO Make Friends with Salad

Salad is the prompt for today. Tacos are our theme of the week. So, it would be logical for us to make a taco salad, right? Nah. We’d rather make salad tacos! Lucky for us, our friends over at The Taco Cleanse have us covered. After all, what would taco week be without at least one recipe from The Taco Cleanse. We became friends with the brilliant minds behind The Taco Cleanse a few years ago on one of our trips to Austin, and they’re just as nice as they are good with a taco!


It will actually change your life

We made the Mexican Chopped Salad Tacos. It’s basically a salad in a taco, and I can’t think of a better way to make friends with a salad! It’s a pretty simple recipe – you chop up a bunch of stuff, mix it together, toss together a dressing, and load it into tortillas. Of course, we do it right around here.

First, you’ve got to make the salad – we chopped up some romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, avocado, cilantro, and squash blossoms, and mixed them all up together. We then added some canned black beans, the one shortcut we took on this one. Finally, we stripped an ear of corn and mixed those kernels in, as well.


Pre-tacoed salad!

The dressing is a mixture of olive oil, lime juice, agave nectar, garlic, cumin, and salt. It’s only a few ingredients, but in this case, simple is better. It’s just a touch sweet, and the sour of the lime juice really brings out the flavors of the vegetables.

Of course, a taco is only as good as the tortilla, and we made our own for this one. Masa, water, and a little salt – press it out thin, and cook them in a cast iron pan. Perfection!


Masa dough


+ tortilla press


= deliciousness!

This recipe is so good. The crunch of the raw vegetables goes perfectly with the soft, warm tortillas. I’d be friends with us!


Salad tacos!

3 thoughts on “Day 8 – You DO Make Friends with Salad

  1. You make your own taco shells?! Now, I call that professional (and I’m jealous about it, specially that taco press).
    I’m really liking your taco-week, so inspirational 😀
    Can you believe that I have the Taco Cleanse laying around here for about a year, but still haven’t made anything out of it… shame on me.

    • We’ve never had a bad recipe out of the Taco Cleanse – they’re all incredible – but we definitely recommend the mighty migas most of all. It’s our favorite recipe from the book and the one we’ve made the most. And their kale chips have become our go-to kale chips recipe!

  2. I haven’t used the Taco Cleanse much, but I do love this recipe from it! So wonderful and fresh. I made the corn tortillas from the book to go with these as well (store bought corn tortillas are horrendous here), and they were so easy and tasty. But I don’t have a tortilla press, so I ended up rolling them out and they weren’t as pretty, but still good.

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