Vegan MoFo Day 7 – Original Vegan

Today’s challenge is to create a vegan meal that is not trying to replicate an omnivore recipe. Given the abundance of produce that we can get at our local Farmer’s Markets, this should be a snap! It’s still taco week, of course, so I updated a recipe we’ve been toying around with for a while now – the okra taco!

Coming up with this idea took a bit of thought. The initial idea of okra tacos came very quickly, but there’s always been omnivore-esque ingredients involved. We’ve added chik’n. We’ve topped it with cheese. So, how do we make this a non-replicant  recipe? Well, what do vegans eat? Nuts and beans, of course! And so, a taco idea was born. (We really do make a good team here at the Fake Meat and True Love household!)



Okra season is really winding to a close here in the Pacific Northwest, so the pods are getting a bit tough and woody. In order to keep the texture nice and tender, we sliced them nice and thin and then browned them before stewing with some beans in a little of the bean cooking water.


Everything’s cooking up nice

About those beans – we recently discovered Rancho Gordo beans – they produce and ship gourmet dried beans. They produce a lot of heirloom strains that you can’t buy anywhere else. For these tacos, we added some of their Snowcap beans – they cook up oddly reminiscent of potato! They are really, really good.


Rancho Gordo beans are just so dang good

The last thing that went into the taco filling was walnuts. They added both crunch and creaminess to the whole deal. We piled the filling into hatch chile tortillas and topped it with sliced radishes and some homemade corn salsa. The corn salsa is the product of our canning obsession. It’s a little sweet from the corn, a little acidic from the tomatoes, and a little sour from the vinegar – and it’s a lot delicious.


Our home canned corn salsa!

We ate these fantastic tacos with some fruit, grapes and pluots from the Farmer’s Market. I dusted the pluots with a little bit of Star Dust, a spice blend that came with our last Rancho Gordo order (another reason to love them).


What a lovely plate!

We’ll see y’all tomorrow!




4 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo Day 7 – Original Vegan

  1. An heirloom bean company sounds amazing! We don’t have anything like that here, just your regular varieties. The corn salsa sounds really good as well. I would try making some if I didn’t have a deep fear of killing everyone with botulism… this is why I have never made any sort of preserves or canning, I am so paranoid!

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