Vegan MoFo, Day 6: Vegan Cheese Is Real Cheese!

Today, Vegan MoFo challenged us to showcase our best cheesy dish. Well, I don’t know that this is my best cheesy dish, but it is a cheese-packed meal.



Four kinds of cheese, in fact!


It starts with found kinds of cheese – NuCulture bacony chipotle cashew cheese, Parmela sharp cheddar, Leahey’s cheese sauce (one of the best things on earth), and Violife’s mature cheddar slices – and whole grain fajita-sized tortillas. I spread them with the bacony chipotle cheese and sprinkled them with Parmela cheddar…


…and turned them into quesadillas.

While working on that, I reconstituted some TVP in Better than Bouillon beef broth and browned it in a cast-iron skillet. I added some taco seasoning and some Violife cheddar and let it become melty and gooey. Then we loaded this cheesy, beefy, taco goodness into a folded quesadilla.


Look at that gooey cheese!

That’s right – we used the quesadillas as taco shells! We topped them with lettuce, tomato, sweet peppers, and avocado. And then we placed them in our triceratops taco holders – that’s right: triceratacos!


Look at them. They are so cute. We had to have them.


That wasn’t enough cheese, though. We wanted a cheesy side dish, too. I roasted some broccoli and cauliflower and Mike made nacho cheese by mixing some chopped pickled jalapeños and jalapeño brine into a batch of Leahey’s cheese sauce (this, by the way, makes a very convincing nacho cheese if you loved pregan nachos at places like the movies and the roller rink [I’M OLD OKAY]).


This was pre-roasting (trying to catch that daylight), but you get the idea.

Normally we wouldn’t make something so indulgent, but Friday nights are Bad Movies & Junk Food Nights, and this all seemed perfect.


Tonight’s bad movie is Demon Wind, and it’s atrocious.

A cheesy dinner for a cheesy bad movie!

‘Til tomorrow!


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