Vegan MoFo, Day 3 – But Where Do You Get Your Protein?

Vegans everywhere have heard it, and most of us have heard it multiple times – “But where do you get your protein?!” I even got where do you get your protein-ed by a liver doctor just a couple of months ago! (For the curious, I stared at him incredulously and said, “Plants have protein. That’s where cows get it!”) So, obviously, the short answer is: plants. Plant foods offer more than enough protein to satisfy, with rare exceptions, the protein needs of most humans. Many plants even have more protein than animal sources! As vegans, we get our protein from pretty much everything we eat.


We’re fortunate to live somewhere with a thriving farmers market culture; look at all these gorgeous plant foods!

Sometimes, though, we want meals that pack a real protein punch, and there are a few foods we reach for when that’s the case – seitan and beans are two of the top choices! And bricklayer tacos, made with vegan versions of beef and bacon, are real protein powerhouses.

vegan tacos

Our favorite bricklayer tacos come from Jason Wyrick’s Vegan Tacos; in fact, this is one of our favorite cookbooks!

hb porterhouse steak

hb bacon

The team at the Herbivorous Butcher is making some of the best seitan-based meats in the world!

We decided to splurge on some porterhouse steak and hickory smoked bacon from The Herbivorous Butcher. Their stuff is just incredible, and we’re so lucky to be able to buy their products at Vegan Haven here in Seattle. We sauteed them up with two kinds of garlic (we use elephant garlic to replace onions in recipes, since onions are my nemeses), two habanero chiles, and oven-blistered tomatoes.

mise en place

I do love a good mise en place!


We folded that delicious mixture into homemade corn tortillas, also from Vegan Tacos!

mike and masa

Mike was my masa helper tonight!

We served them topped with spicy garlic carrots (canned by me, last autumn) and sprigs of fresh cilantro. On the side we had the most delicious borracho beans – from Eddie Garza’s incomparable ¡Salud! Vegan Mexican Cookbook – and wonderful corn on the cob, grown by one of our favorite farmers at our Sunday farmers market. In fact, all the produce and herbs in this dinner came from our farmers markets!


It was a damn fine dinner.


Can’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!

Speaking of – ’til tomorrow, friends!


3 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo, Day 3 – But Where Do You Get Your Protein?

    • I’d never heard of them, either, before we bought “Vegan Tacos”. I think they’re well-known in Mexico. I’ve read that they’re called that because they’re meaty, filling, and were commonly served at construction sites.

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