Vegan MoFo, Day 5 – Best Sandwich Ever!

Mike and I thought – both apart and together  – about this prompt a lot. We discussed many options, and we each pondered many more. It seemed an impossible choice – sandwiches are pretty much Mike’s favorite food, and we’ve both eaten so many amazing sandwiches that we had no idea how we’d decide which one was the best ever. Breakfast sandwiches, with eggy tofu and bacon and melty cheese and runny Vegg yolk? Grilled macaroni and cheese (this was a contender)? The bacon cheeseburger from Arlo’s in Austin? Buffalo chicken hoagies? Chicken parmesan on grilled sourdough? A vegan Cuban sandwich? Homemade seitan pastrami with mustard and spicy garlic dills? We went on and on, around and around.

And then Mike hit on it.


tower of bliss

This is a stack of ice cream sandwiches from Seattle Cookie Counter, run by a charming and adorable couple .Throughout spring and summer, Chris can be found selling hand-built vegan ice cream sandwiches made from Chelsea’s freshly made cookies and freshly churned ice cream – out of the sweetest old Volkswagen bus, with a striped awning and crochet heart garland. They boast inventive flavor combinations and huge servings. They’ve also started selling pints, cups, packages of cookies, and even pies (full sized and hand pies) from time to time. This little ice cream van is one of the best things about Seattle. We take every visitor we have there, and every one has been thrilled and impressed. If you ever come to Seattle at the right time of year, be sure to stop by and experience the bliss!


This beauty is snickerdoodle cookies with peanut butter & jelly ice cream. Yes, you read that correctly.


Chocolate cookies with vanilla & peanut butter swirl ice cream.


Oatmeal cinnamon cookies with vanilla ice cream.

Mike was not wrong – these really are the best sandwiches ever.

‘Til tomorrow!
– Sarra

8 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo, Day 5 – Best Sandwich Ever!

  1. Great idea, I didn’t see anyone else posting about ice cream sandwiches. Totally overlooked! I like the look of the one with the peanut butter swirl ice cream. Yum!

    • We didn’t eat all of these, because we bought them to share, but we did get to try the snickerdoodle/pb&j and the chocolate/vanilla&pb, and I think the latter was our favorite. Chelsea’s chocolate cookies are really good, because they’re just a tiny bit salty. And the peanut butter swirl is perfect!

      – S

  2. Yum, I hope I can visit Seattle and try them someday. A vegan Cuban sandwich is a great idea too; I’d love to see a recipe for one if you have it!

  3. I’m still trying to perfect one. Terry Hope Romero has one in Viva Vegan; it was good but somehow not close enough. I should try again now that things like chao cheese exist. Hmmm.

    We have an amazing vegan food truck here called No Bones About it – they’re actually catering our wedding – and they do a Cuban sandwich sometimes as a special. I had it once and I still think about it dreamily – it was so, so good. I lived in Florida as a teenager and I really miss Cuban sandwiches!

    • I know they’re winding down, but I don’t think they’ll be closed up by next week. I do know that they’ll be at our wedding on the 20th, and that the truck will be open somewhere before that, during the day. So I think your partner will be in luck!
      – S

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