Vegan MoFo, Day 3- Quick, Easy, and Delicious!


Barbecue. Chicken. Pizza. With two kinds of garlic, two cheeses, bacon, and jalapeno. Heck yeah!
I’m going to start with a disclaimer – the way I did this, it wasn’t quick. It was easy and it was really delicious, but I definitely took the long way around. However, it’s incredibly easy to make quickly, if you want or need. Pizza time!

Our favorite pizza crust is a recipe called Pizza Bianca from Cook’s Illustrated (we always leave the rosemary off and make it  a base for pizza, but it makes an impressive bread for parties as written). It’s a saturated dough that gets pressed out with your hands instead of rolled, and it gets airy and bubbly and somewhat focaccia-esque. It does require processing, resting, and rising time, though, so it’s not a quick-night dinner. However, it’s simple to make this pizza quickly! Use your favorite quick pizza dough recipe, or buy a pre-made pizza dough, or buy a pre-made crust or flatbread.


To start, I glazed the crust with olive & avocado oils and chopped fresh garlic. I added Follow Your Heart’s Garden Herb cheese, some caramelized elephant garlic (onions would be good here for those of you who like them), Tofurky’s new barbecue slow roasted chick’n, a sliced red jalapeño, some bacon (we like Lightlife), and a little bit of Parmela’s new sharp cheddar shreds. And that’s it! Quick, really easy, and super delicious.

20150903_190300[2]Gotta love Mike’s Enterprise pizza cutter!

20150903_185844[1]20150903_185754[1]Look at that beautiful, airy crust. And that melty cheese! We are loving Follow Your Heart’s new cheeses – we find them comparable to Field Roast’s excellent Chao cheeses. Plus they come in blocks, so you can shred them. And the Parmela shreds are something special, too, with great flavors no other cheeses have.

20150903_190024[1]20150903_185827[1]This new slow roasted fake chicken from Tofurky is fantastic – it’s delicious, it’s toothsome, it’s meaty, and it is very much like actual chicken. If that’s something you like, and you don’t mind the occasional fake meat, we definitely recommend them!

20150903_185914[1]20150903_185523[1]Mike threw together a quick green salad, too. Lettuce, lemon cucumber, and heirloom tomato, with a garlic rosemary ranch.

20150903_190349[1]This pizza was fantastic! So, so good! We were both making happy noises as we ate it, and Mike called me the “pizza goddess” when we were done. Heh. When he was packing up the leftovers, he was talking about how he was so full but he still wanted to eat more. I can’t wait for lunch tomorrow!
Speaking of tomorrow, it’s finally Mike’s turn to cook and blog tomorrow night!

<3, Sarra

6 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo, Day 3- Quick, Easy, and Delicious!

  1. Faux meat can hit the right spot sometimes with us veggies and vegan. I am loving the pizza cutter, pretty awesome. I have come on over via Vegan Mofo as a vegetarian I am partipating.

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