Vegan MoFo 2015, Day 1 – Breakfast!

Good morning! Okay, it’s not morning. But it was when I made this breakfast! I thought about doing a fancy breakfast, or an involved breakfast, or a showy breakfast, or even a vegan take on a traditional Americana breakfast (my favorite!), but I ultimately decided to make and photograph (and eat) a usual weekday breakfast. Indeed, if you already follow my Instagram, you’ve seen variations of this breakfast before. Neither one of us has a big morning appetite, and Mike is a big bread-lover, so weekday breakfasts are usually something starchy and an excellent cup of coffee – well, an excellent cup of coffee if you’re me; Mike waits until he gets to work to have coffee, so it’s 1) not good because it’s 2) Starbucks.

Toast and bagels are our most common breakfast breads; I love sprouted wheat breads and bagels, but we also frequently have bagels from Seattle Bagel Bakery or (less frequently, sadly) Grateful Bread. Sometimes I’ll make a couple strips of veggie bacon to go on the side; sometimes I’ll make up some Vegg yolk, and sometimes, like today, I’ll have fruit.

What do we top our toasted carby goodness with? Usually it’s homemade vegan butter and/or homemade jam. Bagels call for cream cheese, of course. The current vegan cream cheese love of my life is Nary Dairy‘s astoundingly good Roasted Gilroy Garlic cashew cream cheese, which we picked up at Vtopian‘s new cheese shop & deli in Portland. But this wonderful spread can’t be found in Seattle yet, so we live in sadness whilst consoling ourselves with Kite Hill‘s superb cream cheese (when we can bring ourselves to shop at Whole Foods, that is). We usually end up grabbing either Go Veggie’s or Daiya’s cream cheese at our vegan market.

Coffee talk: as you probably guessed by my swipe at Starbucks, we’re pretty particular about our coffee (hey, we’re Seattleites!). We alternate between Ethical Bean Coffee‘s Lush or Rocket Fuel (DAAAAMN!), though right now we’re drinking Grounds & Hounds‘ Alpha Blend, which we found at Food Fight on our aforementioned Portland visit. Coffee always gets Wildwood‘s soy creamer, because it’s the best.


This morning I had a sundried tomato bagel (from Blazing Bagels) with plain Daiya cream cheese and garlic gomasio, along with a perfectly gorgeous and incredibly sweet local nectarine. And coffee!

Mike is from New York, so he has Very Firm Ideas when it comes to bagels (hell, I’ve had a New York bagel – I get it!). Early in our relationship, I asked him how he liked a bagel from a bakery he hadn’t tried before, and he responded, “On a scale of 1 to New York, I give it a Syracuse.” So now I have to ask him to rate every bagel he eats, because that’s too funny. Blazing Bagels? “Oh, I think they rate somewhere around Pittsburgh.”

When we got back from the store with these bagels, I wandered around the kitchen saying, “I’m from New York, Troy. I know what a baggle is.”

Happy first day of MoFo, veganland! ‘Til tomorrow!
<3, Sarra

6 thoughts on “Vegan MoFo 2015, Day 1 – Breakfast!

    • Oh my GOD. It’s not as perfectly smooth as Kite Hill, but the flavor is incredible. It is, however, ridiculously expensive.

      I might have to Paypal you some money to bring us some of that and NuCulture’s bacon chipotle spread before the wedding. That stuff! Holy mackerel!

      If you do go to Vtopian, try a sandwich – they use Homegrown Smoker salami and ham, and the housemade cheese they use in sandwiches is really good.

  1. I had a NY bagel for the first time, it totally lived up to the hype! Thanks for the tip on Vtopia I’m heading to Portland next month 🙂 Love your guys portrait!

  2. I gotta say, I’ve got a real love affair with that Kite Hill cream cheese going on right now. It is so damned good. I can’t get enough. and high fives for Wildwood Creamer. ‘Tis truly the best

    • I get so sad when Wildwood creamer is out of stock. I get all cranky, like, what even is the point of coffee with some inferior creamer?!

      That Kite Hill is magic. How is it so smooth and silky and delicious?!

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