fake meat and true love (introduction post)


Hey! Welcome to our blog, Fake Meat & True Love (we hope you think the name is on the right side of the cute/nauseating line)! We are Mike and Sarra, a couple of vegans from Seattle who are head-over-heels in love – with each other, with food, with cooking, with our old-lady pit bull and fussy tortoiseshell cat, with farmers markets and social justice and all animals and, yes, fake meat. We’re trying our best to make the world a better place, and ethical, intersectional veganism is the best way we know how to do that. We know that veganism is not a diet but an ethical stance, but we also know that food is a big deal – it’s what most people think of when they think of veganism, it’s one of our earliest and most primary pleasures, it’s necessary for life, and it’s fun. We were both very passionate about food before we got together, and that passion has expanded and deepened along with our relationship. We’ve been sharing our food photos with our friends for a couple of years now, and we’ve been talking about starting this blog for ages; finally, here we are. We’re sure we don’t have to tell you the “why” behind another vegan blog: vegan food is better for animals, better for the planet, better for humans, and, frankly, delicious. It is our sincere hope that by providing a glimpse into the life of the glorious food (and love!) that we share, we can simultaneously encourage people to think about more just and ethical choices, as well as join all our fellow vegans in demonstrating how exquisite and rewarding a cruelty-free life can be. We love being in vegan communities! Plus, hey, sometimes there will be dog and cat pictures, and who doesn’t want more of those?

Sarra’s been vegan for over 7 years, and Mike’s been vegan for over 2. We’re sharing the blog because we share almost every meal, we shop together, we eat out together, and we take turns cooking through the week. We’ve found that expressing our real love for each other, for the planet, and for every animal (including humans!) on it is the most satisfying life we could ever imagine. We won’t fill this post with all of our personal trivia and minutiae; if you stick around and follow our posts, you’ll quickly get to know us both. (Oh, yeah, Sarra briefly had a vegan food blog a few years ago, before life kicked it right off the list of priorities: Vegan Chubosaurus.)

In veganland, September is known as the Vegan Month of Food, or Vegan MoFo. To finally get our blog started, we’re going to do our damnedest to post something here most days in September. Some of it will be about food we’ve made ourselves, and some of it will be food we ate while out and about in the world. We’re going to try to follow the prompts crafted by the MoFo powers that be, but sometimes we might veer off topic. We’re pretty sure we won’t manage to post every day, because September 2015 is going to be very busy for us – we’re getting married on the 20th and leaving for a honeymoon on September 25. But we’ll do our best, and hey, travel means more vegan food pictures for everyone to see here!

Tomorrow: breakfast!

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